Sunday, 27 January 2013

Garden quick peeks

So far, there is no movement at all with the no dig poataoes. I'm not expecting shoots to burst through the straw overnight or anything. But I have had a quick peek under the straw and most of the potatoes look like they've only been under there for five minutes...


I think the problem is that it is all just too dry. Luckily my lovely neighbours have a giant pile of soil that they need to shift so we put five wheelbarrow loads over the straw which will hopefully help retain more moisture.

hopefully this makes a difference

Here are some more quick peeks at what is happening in the garden (and kitchen)

The direct sown peas are a big success

Baby rockmelons

Baby watermelons

Californian Poppies

More uses for coffee bags

Look at those capsicums

and look at those eggplants

I just really love Poppies

Lots of squash

The tomatoes keep on growing

Tromboncino Zucchini

Cucumbers in the kitchen
Cucumbers in jars...
Cucumbers in a pickle